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/Who Am I

I have a curious mind and enjoy exploring any and all fields of technology. Given a problem I am driven to design the best solution for any given situation with a healthy mix of old and cutting edge.

I’ve recently taken a strong interest in Ethereum Smart Contracts and have worked on a number of small projects building Distributed applications. I’m working hard to stay ahead of anything and everything that Blockchain based applications can offer us and have an unmatched enthusiasm about solving problems using distributed systems.

Moving forward I am eager to develop more of a background in the DevOps space by working along side other developers and supporting them by providing scalable and reliable infrastructure for them to deploy solutions to in an automated and repeatable manner.


/What I Teach

Whenever I’m struggling to learn something I just remember that another human being, just like me was able to learn how to do this; there’s no reason why I can’t either.

- Nathan Glover -


/What I do

If you’re working on something, I might want to be part of it! Here’s a couple things I might be able to assist with.


I can offer consulting on distributed application design, and want to work with people on interesting and unique ideas for putting Smart Contract code to use.


Whether it’s wiring up sensor, soldering PCB’s or programming embedded flash, I can probably help in all stages of developing internet connected hardware.


If you want to use AWS, Azure, Digital Ocean or even an Optiplex in your closest, I’ll happily work with you to get whatever you need accessible anywhere in the world.


3years of experience
1560hours of work
786coffee cups


/Where I make things professionally

2017 - PRESENT

Hardware Systems Design & Development SME


Working as an energetic member of the Digital Tribe, I work with a variety of people with a diverse backgrounds on big problems as we drive a Digital Transformation within the Decision automation space.

Software/Network Engineer

Cisco IoE Innovation Centre

Worked as a motivated team member on Software/Network engineering projects exposing myself to the design process of platforms and systems in the emerging IoT space. I worked alongside a team of developers and on a number of software and hardware development projects.

2017 - 2017
2014 - 2016

Network and System Administrator

Galati Group

Worked as part of a motivated IT Team, servicing and managing 15+ sites across WA. Regular tasks included maintaining backup systems, improving DR solutions, researching and investigating new technologies and managing a variety of server platforms and POS systems. I worked directly on a number of Infrastructure projects that had me assist in the design and implementation of a large upgrade to our existing core business systems. I managed the majority of service request that came through that requiring changes to be made to our virtualization platform and storage cluster.

Support Technician

Command IT

Design, configure, install and support Networking and Server solutions to a number of Small/Medium businesses across Perth and The Pilbara Region both Remotely and on site. I task myself to troubleshoot, diagnose and resolve any issues that our customers might be having. My role requires me to work and solve issues independently; but also offer my skills and knowledge to the other Technicians in my team.

2012 - 2014


75%Smart Contracts
70%Infrastructure as Code


/Some of the things I’ve made

I love building interesting things in my free-time; and really enjoy getting involved in Hackathons. It doesn’t have to be tech! I’ve solved BIG problems in the medical, mining, utilities and even helping with with animal rescue.


Nathan is a cool dude that likes cats so much he made virtual decentralised ones to complement the real ones.
Luke Stokes
He decided not to sleep one night and came up with a fully working video encoder for unity. It was the most beautiful thing I saw.
Stephen Mott


/What have I been doing?

Mar 25

Maker Today

Maker Today is a tech blog I run along with some of my friends. For now I'll be posting a good portion of the technical work I do on there;…

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